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Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine is an independent media, born 20 years ago out of the following observation: a magazine dedicated to luxury is not only made of glossy paper, rhinestones and advertising, and it is aimed at everyone; luxury actors who live at the service of demanding and informed consumers; the readers of Class & Relax, the same readers to whom we offer a variety of subjects, without any preconceived ideas, always coming from unique and lived experiences; and many other readers who dream along with our pages and collect back issues. Since the creation of Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine, we have become more and more sensitive to the vertiginous imbalance that affects the sharing of wealth on earth: this is not sustainable in the long term. Our commitment is therefore also to make known the pleasure of sharing, without any other expectation, for friendship, one of the most beautiful values, one of the greatest luxuries; in a world where nature - of which we are an integral part despite our detachment - will continue to exist: the quality of the air we breathe, of the water, without which we are nothing, and of our natural environment have also become luxuries that are inescapable... and vital ! To those who have the means to contribute to the well-being of others... for others, for themselves, for the peace and well-being they will experience. Welcome to the world of Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine !



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The helicopter offers one of the most beautiful ways to discover the world from the sky; it is also the best means of transport to fly from point A to point B over a short distance ! Ideal for passing in record time from one site to another in the mountains, or for landing in the garden of a hotel or property. Class & Relax has always been a partner of helicopter companies.


For frequent travellers, the plane no longer offers the same transport facilities as other means of transport, and apart from airport formalities, which are also easier, it usually becomes an annex to an office or a small private space between two stays on land. A trip by plane is a privileged moment for reading and Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine contributes to this.

Like a bird

To see the earth from the sky. Some photographers have greatly contributed to give us wings; blades, one should say, to be fair, because it is still the helicopter that gives us this wonderful feeling of being free as a bird . To be continued in Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine...


Recharge your batteries

Is it necessary to underline how much we need to recharge our batteries regularly, in order to take a step back. The habits that set in, the doubts that become too rare, so many signs that do not deceive and distort our perception of reality, our judgements.

A few ideas to recharge your batteries, in Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine.


Farniente is not doing nothing. It can be spending time with friends around a good table, isolating oneself for a moment, letting one's body and mind wander nonchalantly, reading, withdrawing from the world, meditating. Lazing around is above all a state of mind, not as simple to cultivate as it seems. Some opportunities to perfect your relaxation in Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine.


Adventure is what gives life its deepest meaning, between discovery and enjoyment of the moment... at a very precise level of consciousness. Adventure means not taking unnecessary risks, going confidently into unknown territory, surpassing oneself sometimes, feeling better alive. And to enjoy the comfort of returning from an expedition.

Adventure ideas in Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine.


Art of Living

The Art of Living ? It is the art of feeling as you are at a specific moment, of enjoying with others your knowledge, your networks, your experience and the pleasure of spending these moments of sharing together. Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine is at the heart of the Art of Living.


Whether in the world of jewellery, fine watches, automobiles or in our interior decorations, the arts are omnipresent. Artists allow us to see life from the best side, enriching our imagination and our view of the world. Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine loves the arts.

Leisure & Wellness

They occupy an important place in our lives. Whether you enjoy sports, cultural discoveries, games, walks, all the passions that animate life, leisure activities are part of our agenda; as is the time devoted every day to well-being: meditation, spa, massages are on the agenda of Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine.



If food holds a special place in our lives, it is first of all because it is the bearer of fundamental values, such as sharing and conviviality. Respect for the food, animals and plants we eat is essential. We are a little bit what we eat ! Gastronomy allows us to sublimate the culinary art: balance, finesse and precision complete the fundamental choice of the quality of the food, which is turned into ephemeral works of art, for the eyes as well as for the taste buds, during lunches and dinners which are as many experiences. Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine loves good taste.



The air we breathe is also the air that carries life, pollen and pollinators. Air quality is vital. The beauty of the sky is not the same without the birds that move in the air, free and fragile. More and more bird species are under threat. Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine is joining forces with Gérard Rocamora of the Centre Biodiversity and Conservation of the Islands of the University of Seychelles for the project to save the Seychelles Glasses Bird (photo © www.jean-emmanuel-hay.com), an endemic species threatened with extinction.


Water is life ! Without it we are nothing: neither class nor relaxation ! We must remember every morning that drinking water is becoming scarce and that the oceans are polluted, contaminated. By whom? By man ! It's time to change... the road is long ! It is by changing yourself that you take the first steps ! Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine supports associations in these projects for the protection of freshwater environments and fish species, so that these eggs (photo © www.jean-emmanuel-hay.com)) are not a vain promise.

Sustainable Developpement

If it is true that the world is a village, you only have to walk through its streets to see how much it is being damaged and that it will not last. It is said in Nepal that the Himalayas are turning black, this disappeared glacier is proof of this (Everest massif, photo © www.jean-emmanuel-hay.com). Elsewhere the level of the oceans is rising. All the luxury of the world will be useless, if the richest beings do not try to quickly rebalance the done, in the name of sustainable development, in the name of life on Earth. Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine shares.

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